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An Oral History Curriculum for high schools and middle schools, involving students with their family and community

The primary goal of Tell Me Your Stories is to introduce students to the fascinating tradition of oral history.

Any historical subject, whether interpreted artistically or academically, requires skills in research, preparation and organization, and listening. The Tell Me Your Stories curriculum meets all of these performance goals while providing cross-generational, cross-cultural, community, and school outreach. The curriculum can be adapted for social studies, language arts, performance, computer science, and practical arts classes.

This curriculum has been taught in a number of middle and high school settings. The Foundation is providing it free of charge to teachers and classrooms that may want to incorporate it into their own lesson plans or follow the curriculum as outlined. We have also provided the curriculum in an MS Word file (size: 70K) that can be downloaded for convenient adaptability.

Within the curriculum is a reference to video samples of oral histories. Living Legacies is offering this video at cost for duplication and shipping. See the Supporting Materials page for synopsis and ordering information.

In the Sample Projects section of the Web site you will find suggestions for final projects that are applicable to a variety of classroom subjects. You'll also find links to other school and community based oral history projects that may inspire other ideas for final projects or community outreach.

Finally, we have provided a Frequently Asked Questions page for both teachers and students. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and to let us know about your experiences teaching the Tell Me Your Stories curriculum.


CLASS ONE – What is Oral History?
CLASS TWO – Beginning Interview Techniques
CLASS THREE – Starting with Peer Interviews
CLASS FOUR – Research and Preparation
CLASS FIVE – Interview Questions Preparation
CLASS SIX – A Practice Interview
CLASS SEVEN – The Family Elder Interview
CLASS EIGHT – Family Elder Interview Research
CLASS NINE – Family Elder Interview Questions Preparation
CLASS TEN – Final Projects


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