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Oral History Examples – Video Tape
The sponsor of Tell Me Your Stories, the Living Legacies Historical Foundation, is offering a video sampler, of brief excerpts from oral history interviews. The cost of the tape includes duplication and shipping. The price of the tape is being offered at our cost for duplication and shipping. The tape includes excerpts from interviews with:

  • An 80 year old man recalls how his grandmother invited "hoboes" into her kitchen for lunch during the Great Depression, in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • A Japanese woman in her seventies remembers her difficulty coming to school in America for the first time, and the challenge of not being able to speak English.
  • A Holocaust survivor tells of the German invasion of her Polish town when she was 12 years old, of hiding with her parents in a bunker, and of her own survival, after losing both parents.
  • An African-American man describes life in East Los Angeles, where he lived with many other ethnic groups in the 1920s and 1930s; included is a rare instance of discrimination in that neighborhood, and how it was handled by the residents.

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